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20 #ifndef INCLUDED_CMDS_H
21 #define INCLUDED_CMDS_H
23 #include "cave.h"
24 #include "cmd-core.h"
26 /* cmd-cave.c */
27 void do_cmd_go_up(struct command *cmd);
28 void do_cmd_go_down(struct command *cmd);
29 void do_cmd_open(struct command *cmd);
30 void do_cmd_close(struct command *cmd);
31 void do_cmd_tunnel(struct command *cmd);
32 void do_cmd_disarm(struct command *cmd);
33 void do_cmd_alter_aux(int dir);
34 void do_cmd_alter(struct command *cmd);
35 void move_player(int dir, bool disarm);
36 void do_cmd_walk(struct command *cmd);
37 void do_cmd_jump(struct command *cmd);
38 void do_cmd_run(struct command *cmd);
39 void do_cmd_pathfind(struct command *cmd);
40 void do_cmd_hold(struct command *cmd);
41 void do_cmd_rest(struct command *cmd);
42 void do_cmd_sleep(struct command *cmd);
43 void display_feeling(bool obj_only);
44 void do_cmd_feeling(void);
46 /* cmd-misc.c */
47 void do_cmd_wizard(void);
48 void do_cmd_suicide(struct command *cmd);
49 void do_cmd_note(void);
51 /* cmd-obj.c */
52 void do_cmd_uninscribe(struct command *cmd);
53 void do_cmd_inscribe(struct command *cmd);
54 void do_cmd_autoinscribe(struct command *cmd);
55 void do_cmd_takeoff(struct command *cmd);
56 void do_cmd_wield(struct command *cmd);
57 void do_cmd_drop(struct command *cmd);
58 void do_cmd_read_scroll(struct command *cmd);
59 void do_cmd_use_staff(struct command *cmd);
60 void do_cmd_aim_wand(struct command *cmd);
61 void do_cmd_zap_rod(struct command *cmd);
62 void do_cmd_activate(struct command *cmd);
63 void do_cmd_eat_food(struct command *cmd);
64 void do_cmd_quaff_potion(struct command *cmd);
65 void do_cmd_use(struct command *cmd);
66 void do_cmd_refill(struct command *cmd);
67 void do_cmd_cast(struct command *cmd);
68 void do_cmd_study_spell(struct command *cmd);
69 void do_cmd_study_book(struct command *cmd);
70 void do_cmd_study(struct command *cmd);
72 /* cmd-pickup.c */
73 int do_autopickup(struct player *p);
74 void do_cmd_pickup(struct command *cmd);
75 void do_cmd_autopickup(struct command *cmd);
77 #endif
void do_cmd_note(void)
Record the player's thoughts as a note.
Definition: cmd-misc.c:90
void do_cmd_wizard(void)
Toggle wizard mode.
Definition: cmd-misc.c:37
void do_cmd_study(struct command *cmd)
Choose the way to study.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:987
void do_cmd_tunnel(struct command *cmd)
Tunnel through "walls" (including rubble and doors, secret or otherwise)
Definition: cmd-cave.c:561
void display_feeling(bool obj_only)
Display the feeling.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1366
void do_cmd_uninscribe(struct command *cmd)
Definition: cmd-obj.c:224
void do_cmd_disarm(struct command *cmd)
Disarms a trap, or a chest.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:762
The struct command type is used to return details of the command the game should carry out...
Definition: cmd-core.h:188
void do_cmd_close(struct command *cmd)
Close an open door.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:376
void do_cmd_run(struct command *cmd)
Start running.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1160
void move_player(int dir, bool disarm)
Move player in the given direction.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:905
void do_cmd_quaff_potion(struct command *cmd)
Quaff a potion.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:718
void do_cmd_rest(struct command *cmd)
Rest (restores hit points and mana and such)
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1256
void do_cmd_autopickup(struct command *cmd)
Pick up or look at objects on a square when the player steps onto it.
Definition: cmd-pickup.c:396
void do_cmd_suicide(struct command *cmd)
Commit suicide.
Definition: cmd-misc.c:73
void do_cmd_go_down(struct command *cmd)
Go down one level.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:91
void do_cmd_pickup(struct command *cmd)
Pick up objects at the player's request.
Definition: cmd-pickup.c:370
Handles the queueing of game commands.
void do_cmd_alter_aux(int dir)
Manipulate an adjacent grid in some way.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:846
const char ** p[]
Definition: name.c:40
void do_cmd_eat_food(struct command *cmd)
Eat some food.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:701
void do_cmd_hold(struct command *cmd)
Stay still.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1223
void do_cmd_wield(struct command *cmd)
Wield or wear an item.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:321
void do_cmd_jump(struct command *cmd)
Walk into a trap.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1131
void do_cmd_aim_wand(struct command *cmd)
Aim a wand.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:635
void do_cmd_zap_rod(struct command *cmd)
Zap a rod.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:657
void do_cmd_drop(struct command *cmd)
Drop an item.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:409
void do_cmd_feeling(void)
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1414
Matters relating to the current dungeon level.
void do_cmd_walk(struct command *cmd)
Walk in the given direction.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1101
void do_cmd_inscribe(struct command *cmd)
Add inscription.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:246
void do_cmd_use(struct command *cmd)
Use any usable item.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:735
void do_cmd_open(struct command *cmd)
Open a closed/locked/jammed door or a closed/locked chest.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:232
void do_cmd_activate(struct command *cmd)
Activate an object.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:679
void do_cmd_refill(struct command *cmd)
Definition: cmd-obj.c:827
Most of the "player" information goes here.
Definition: player.h:450
void do_cmd_autoinscribe(struct command *cmd)
Autoinscribe all appropriate objects.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:281
void do_cmd_study_spell(struct command *cmd)
Gain a specific spell, specified by spell number (for mages).
Definition: cmd-obj.c:918
void do_cmd_use_staff(struct command *cmd)
Use a staff.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:613
void do_cmd_takeoff(struct command *cmd)
Taking off/putting on
Definition: cmd-obj.c:299
int do_autopickup(struct player *p)
Pick up everything on the floor that requires no player action.
Definition: cmd-pickup.c:332
void do_cmd_cast(struct command *cmd)
Spell casting
Definition: cmd-obj.c:867
void do_cmd_read_scroll(struct command *cmd)
Read a scroll.
Definition: cmd-obj.c:592
void do_cmd_sleep(struct command *cmd)
Spend a turn doing nothing.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1312
void do_cmd_study_book(struct command *cmd)
Gain a random spell from the given book (for priests)
Definition: cmd-obj.c:940
void do_cmd_pathfind(struct command *cmd)
Start running with pathfinder.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:1198
void do_cmd_alter(struct command *cmd)
Definition: cmd-cave.c:886
void do_cmd_go_up(struct command *cmd)
Go up one level.
Definition: cmd-cave.c:50