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a-info.c File Reference
#include "unit-test.h"
#include "unit-test-data.h"
#include "obj-tval.h"
#include "object.h"
#include "init.h"


int setup_tests (void **state)
int teardown_tests (void *state)
int test_name0 (void *state)
int test_badtval0 (void *state)
int test_badtval1 (void *state)
int test_base_object0 (void *state)
int test_info0 (void *state)
int test_alloc0 (void *state)
int test_alloc1 (void *state)
int test_alloc2 (void *state)
int test_power0 (void *state)
int test_flags0 (void *state)
int test_values0 (void *state)
int test_time0 (void *state)
int test_msg0 (void *state)
int test_desc0 (void *state)


const char * suite_name = "parse/a-info"
struct test tests []

Function Documentation

int setup_tests ( void **  state)

References init_parse_artifact().

int teardown_tests ( void state)

References parser_destroy().

int test_alloc0 ( void state)

References eq, ok, and parser_parse().

int test_alloc1 ( void state)

References eq, ok, and parser_parse().

int test_alloc2 ( void state)
int test_badtval0 ( void state)

References eq, ok, and parser_parse().

int test_badtval1 ( void state)

References eq, ok, and parser_parse().

int test_base_object0 ( void state)
int test_desc0 ( void state)
int test_flags0 ( void state)
int test_info0 ( void state)
int test_msg0 ( void state)
int test_name0 ( void state)
int test_power0 ( void state)
int test_time0 ( void state)
int test_values0 ( void state)

Variable Documentation

const char* suite_name = "parse/a-info"
struct test tests[]
Initial value:
= {
{ "name0", test_name0 },
{ "badtval0", test_badtval0 },
{ "badtval1", test_badtval1 },
{ "base-object0", test_base_object0 },
{ "info0", test_info0 },
{ "alloc0", test_alloc0 },
{ "alloc1", test_alloc1 },
{ "alloc2", test_alloc2 },
{ "power0", test_power0 },
{ "flags0", test_flags0 },
{ "msg0", test_msg0 },
{ "desc0", test_desc0 },
{ "values0", test_values0 },
int test_alloc1(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:73
int test_msg0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:143
int test_badtval1(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:36
int test_flags0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:108
int test_alloc0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:67
int test_power0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:92
int test_info0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:54
int test_alloc2(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:79
int test_values0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:119
int test_name0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:19
int test_badtval0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:30
int test_base_object0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:42
Definition: list-summon-types.h:18
int test_desc0(void *state)
Definition: a-info.c:157